And the iPhone issues keep coming


The Dev Team are doing a really great job with keeping up with all these random updates that have been occurring here lately. At this current time, iPhone Firmware is 3.1.2 and PwnageTool 3.1.4 is still able to jailbreak and help unlock the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPod Touch 1G/2G. I will try to keep their tools mirrored here for easy downloads worldwide. 🙂

If you aren’t in the know on why you now need to *SAFELY* unlock your iPhone then listen up.. basically, the new updates that are probably gonna contain the latest cool features like MMS on the 3.1 FW will now also make major updates to the phone’s radio… and to put it like the Dev Team did:


[HOW TO] Jailbreak your iPhone 2G/3G/3GS & iPod Touch! w/Pics!

We’re gonna be using Redsnow v0.8 for this small and slick tutorial. Let’s begin!

First, you’ll need to have the right gear to get the cool stuff off the top of these mountains so go and download Redsn0w, you’ll need this free tool to begin the process to unlocking your iPhone as well as jailbreaking it and other devices. Cool!
While you’re at it.. make sure you have the proper iPhone / iPod FW (Firmware) to be used in this process. In this tutorial and generally at THIS current time we’re using 3.0 FW to unlock both 3.0 & 3.0.1 iPhone FW versions.

Second, get ready to enjoy your scroll wheel on your mouse and if not head to your nearest slacker shack to get one today.

Fire up Redsn0w


Fire up Redsn0w and click the browse button to begin, then find your firmware file:
Make sure your firmware you choose is for the SAME version firmware on your phone! (Except for version 3.0.1 in the case of the iPhone, you can substitute 3.0 FW for 3.0.1 iPhones)
Make sure the firmware is for your actual device. If you have an iPhone 2G then use 2G firmware.

After you find your firmware file, Redsn0w will sort out its differences with the FW file and begin the payload process.


After this we’ve got some good options 🙂


Depending on the device, the generation and version of firmware, you may have more or less options.You generally want to install cydia to be able to download unsigned applications from 3rd parties (the cool ones) – Unlockers usually use cydia to unlock thei 3G iPhones. Next, turn off your device and make sure it’s connected via USB cable to the computer we’re running Redsn0w on.

Let’s follow the onscreen directions.


Afterwards, we’re gonna be using the once unfunctional-if-not-done-correctly DFU mode sequence to place this device in a mode Redsn0w can work with 🙂

You’ll know if you did the sequence correctly if you see this very shortly after:


Afterwards, you should be greated by everyones favorite homie…


Once you see him, you are home free my friend. Enjoy your new Jailbroken device! If you need help, leave a comment.

Cell Phone Unlock: iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/iPod Touch


Free unlock for iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G/3GS and also the iPod touch (first and second generation).

The iPhone Dev Team has made the following possible. They’ve made a method to where you can free unlock your phone at home with the usb cable that came with your iPhone. Once you have this, you’ll need iTunes as well as the firmware for your exact generation model (2g/3g), BIN files and appropriate software to do the job.

For the 3G/3GS iPhone models the process isn’t totally a software one, it’s half software (to jailbreak the phone) and half phone and wifi usage to download and execute the file on the device, basically a payload, well developed and also very well delivered. Groovy job dev team!!

For the 2G iPhone models it’s