HTC Kaiser 8925(AT&T Tilt)

8925 HTC Kaiser Free Unlock

Free Cell Phone Unlock your HTC Tilt
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This HTC unlock is an easy one. Basically, someone from XDA Developers has created an archive of files to unlock the HTC Kaiser, also known as the ATT/Cingular 8925/AT&T Tilt.

8925 HTC Kaiser Free Unlock

Before we get started, please know the following:

  • This will work for WM (Windows Mobile) version 6.1 as well as 6.0 in the case that you need to downgrade.
  • Your phone needs to have at least 50% battery life in order to be flashed and unlocked.
  • Backup anything that you want to keep because once the flash has taken place all data will be erased from the phone.
  • Finally, remove any SIM & Memory Cards from the phone.

Ok, all set?? Let’s begin!!

First, you’re gonna need to get the files we’ll need to complete our unlocking process on your phone. These files include a HardSPL unlock (an overwrite to your bootloader to allow you to flash a modified bootloader in order to complete this unlocking process). This will be in the archive in a folder named flash-hardSPL – which we will be using later.

Second, copy JumpSPL1.56-KAIS.exe to your phone via ActiveSync, if  you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you won’t need to download ActiveSync because your computer will already have this integrated as “Windows Mobile Device Center”. Once this is complete, run this file on your phone, you can do this by transferring the file to your phone via ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center by using the file explorer option. After this is done, “USB” will appear on the phone’s screen.

Third, unplug & replug your USB cable connection to your phone. Then, run the KaiserCustomRUU.exe file in the flash-hardSPL folder that we discussed earlier & follow the on-screen prompts. After this is complete, run the KaiserUnlocker.exe file then since we’ve installed the HardSPL from earlier we can just do Step 2, which will helpfully unlock our phone’s Radio (part that’s responsible for making and receiving phone calls, data, etc etc). Once this is complete, we can now do Step 3, unlock the phone.. click on “Remove Sim Lock” and “Set CID”, then click “Commit Changes”.

Enjoy your free unlock? Great job! Your HTC Kaiser 8925 is now unlocked!


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