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Unlock T-Mobile HTC Shadow Free


To do this free phone unlock, remove the unlocking protection of the HTC Juno cell phone (T-Mobile Shadow) by running SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe phone unlocking software on your PC. This file is included in the cell phone unlock phone unlocking software download files below.

Then, copy the “bkondisk” file to your cell phone or your sd card. Afterwards, install it to your device… in the process a few files will be created.

Go ahead and copy the newly created “BK_02_0005.img” to your PC & open up the file in a HEX Editor and get ready to look for your cell phone unlock code in some text.


Look for the line “0X0400F0” and “0X040100”. (As in the picture) The eight-character code the you find is your phone sim-unlock code.

You can find the file BK_02_0005.img in your documents folder otherwise un-hide hidden files to see them (Tools > Folder options > See all hidden files)


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