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htc trinity free cell phone unlock software

Cell Phone Unlock
Free unlock your HTC Trinity (HTC P3600)!!


This phone unlocking software radio ROM acts allows you to unlock the cell phone providers SIMlock / CIDlock from HTC Trinity cell phones for free.

This free cell phone unlock can be used to unlock HTC phones free, no matter which bootloader version or radio the to be unlocked HTC phone has.


Unlock your HTC cell phone for free!

Unzip unlocker phone unlocking software file and run AUTO_Unlock_v1.bat, this free unlock should guide you through the phone unlocking process.

Otherwise here are instructions to get your cell unlocked:

  • Transfer SSPL/SSPL-TRIN.exe to your cell phone and run it
  • Tri-color screen will appear on phone
  • Disable activesync (file -> connection settings -> uncheck “allow USB connections”)
  • Connect your phone to your computer using the USB lead.
  • Run RUU/ROMUpgradeUtility.exe
  • Follow the flashing process (Check the “I understand…” and “I completed…” boxes and update!)
  • Allow your phone to reboot.
  • Transfer TRIN_Unlock_v1.exe program to your phone and run it
  • Click the Unlock Button, select unlock option. Select if you want SIM/CID phone unlock (free you from cell phone carriers)
  • Click “Unlock” and wait until process finishes.
  • When done, turn off your phone for 10 seconds and reboot after that.

Please Note: It is *highly recommended* to flash a full rom after using the cell phone unlocker. (You can figure out how to do this here)

-Shout out to pof over at XDA Devs for this cell phone unlock!!
–If you’ve found this helpful then PLEASE donate to the creator of this free cell phone unlock!!!! You can do that here.

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