iPhone XR Unlocking

Is unlocking the iPhone XR possible yet?

There has been a lot of discussion about unlocking the iPhone XR and most iPhones since the 3G days. We’ll be reviewing this in this article.

Imagine purchasing a new iPhone from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile just to find out that you can’t use it with another provider/carrier, that would be bad news.

Why is my iPhone XR locked?

Providers such as T-Mobile, AT&T and others lock phones so that they can only be used on their specific networks. Here are a few reasons why carriers sim-lock phones to their specific services:

  • You’re on a payment plan for your device
  • You received a discount on the phone (carrier discounted)
  • You have a new contract with the carrier

Possible Unlocking Methods

  • Carrier requested unlock code
  • Purchased unlock code

Unlocking Instructions (Carrier provided)

If you choose to unlock your iPhone via asking your carrier for an unlock code you’ll simply need to contact your carrier and request your unlock code. Valid reasons may consist of your need to travel internationally and use a foreign sim-card such as a prepaid sim.

Another reason could be that you are giving the phone to someone else that uses another service/carrier, if this is the case you’ll want to make sure all obligations such as device payment plans and/or contracts are fulfilled entirely with no balance.

Lastly, and rarely, sometimes subscribers run into issues with their phones that make them unusable with their current provider. This can be caused by living or operating in areas that make signal strength poor. In these cases sometimes carriers will allow you to exit your contract and sometimes they’ll even provide you with your unique, authentic unlock code for your iPhone. Please note this is a rare and exceptional case.

Ok, so what do I do next?

If you are able to take advantage of any of these reasons, you’ll need to actually contact your phone provider via phone or online chat. When you contact them all you’ll need to do is explain your case (using the above reason selected) and usually they’ll ask for 3-7 days to send you your unlock code via email or physical mail. Usually they check to ensure everything checks out within this time period to approve sending your your free unlock code.

Unlocking Instructions (Purchased unlock code)

If you aren’t able to request your unlock code from your provider the next best thing you can do is purchase one from the Internet. If you do, the unlock code provider should be able to provide you with instructions that are specific to your iPhone XR.

Why Can’t I Unlock My iPhone XR for Free?

Currently, there are no free software unlocks that exist for any of the new Apple iPhone devices. Since the iPhone 3G it’s be increasingly difficult to unlock these phones as Apple has greatly increased their security and protections of these phones.

If we knew of a safe, working free unlock we would surely list it here.