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Cell Phone Unlock for LG phones – FREE!

This free 3g cell phone unlock works on multiple cell phone providers including Samsung, LG, NEC & Vitel.

With this free phone unlocking software it is possible to get your samsung unlock codes free.

Free Unlock LG: U8150

Free Unlock NEC: 223i – n22i – N331i – N341i – N410

Free Unlock Samsung: Z140 – Z140v – Z300 – Z500 – Z5 – Z7 – E600

Free Unlock Vitel: TSM7

This was uploaded by bappi1 and credit is given to him for the upload of this free unlock.

It’s a breeze to install the unlock software. The USB drivers that you will need are included in the free download as well. Here are some instructions to help you unlock your phone:

  1. Install the USB phone unlocking drivers
  2. Connect your phone WITHOUT the Sim-Card
  3. Start the free unlock software
  4. Press “read codes”
  5. Disconnect the USB cable and enter an foreign phone service provider SIM
  6. Enter phone unlock codes obtained from the phone unlocking software

This should not only unlock your phone but also reset/clear any security codes and perform full resets!

Download free phone unlocking software here

If you get any errors about MSCOMM32.OCX then download that file here.

Having issues? Check the forum thread for this tool here

Software confusing? Want your free unlock code?

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