Motorola K1/Z3 (KRZR/RIZR)



Yet another free unlock! This time it’s for the Motorola K1/Z3 (KRZR/RIZR)! Last time it was for the Motorola RAZR v3, but let’s get it’s close cousin out of the way. KRZRs and RIZRs are great phones and even better when you can enjoy them on any cellular network.

There are also tons more things that you can do to this and many, many, other phones but for now…

Free cell phone unlock time!!!

Ok, this one is a pretty simple one, all we’re going to be doing once again is patching files via the unlock software that we generate and upload it to the phone. Cool!

1. Download MS Tool (We’ll need this to work with the phone and files later)
2. Pick up the bootcores/modified bootloaders for your phone.
3. Let’s do this!

  1. Open up MS Tool and choose you phone model (K1/Z3)
  2. Press and hold * AND # on the phones keypad while starting the phone to get it into bootloader mode.
  3. Connect the phone to your PC via USB cable.
  4. Back in MS Tool, choose “Read Backup” and choose PDS. Then wait for the backup to complete.

If any of these steps fail and you get a critical error message please stop right here and don’t use this guide.

Ok, we’re doing good right? No problems or errors? Ready for the next portion of the guide?

If the backup was completed without any problems then that pretty much means that we can use MS Tool to work with this phone. Yes, this is a good thing. :-). Let’s make sure your battery is fully charged for this next portion… it’s an awful moment when a phone dies halfway through the unlock process.. also remove any installed SIM cards and memory cards.

Connect phone in bootloader mode again, press and hold * AND # while turning the phone on/putting the battery in.
Select “Write Backup” and choose your appropriate bootcore file, for the K1 (KRZR) choose “K1__BOOTCORE_TP.bkp” and for the Z3 (RIZR) choose “Z3__BOOTCORE_TP.bkp”.
Your phone will shut down, this is normal. Remove and reinsert your battery, the PC should recognize the phone. The screen is also black you say? This is normal as well.
In MS Tool, click “Unlock”. Wait until this process is complete then remove and reinsert your battery again.
Wait for the phone to be detected then click “Write Backup”, select bootloader 0A.B2 for K1 (KRZR) or 0A.C0 for Z3 (RIZR).
That’s it! Enjoy your new unlocked phone. Free 🙂

Shouts out to MotoX Poster for this one!

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