Motorola RAZR V3 FREE Unlock!

Motorola RAZR V3 Free Cell Phone Unlock

Motorola RAZR V3 Free Cell Phone Unlock

Another free cell phone unlock!!

The famous Motorola RAZR, this widespread phone is one of the most popular phones in America and other international countries… if it isn’t the #1 selling phone. Here is a cell phone unlock that you can use to unlock your cell phone for free.


You’ll need to know what BL (bootloader) version you have…

  1. Take your battery out of your Motorola RAZR V3.
  2. Press and hold the * AND # buttons at the same time.
  3. Insert your battery.
  4. Your bootloader version should display on the screen.

Certain bootloaders can’t be downgraded, thus, free unlocking by software means isn’t possible.. unless you use something called a TestPoint, I will release a guide in the future that shows how this is done if there is enough interest. Generally, up to bootloader version 08.28 can be unlocked via this post’s information, if a new method is discovered I’ll post it here.

On to the goodies!

If your phone qualifies, follow these easy steps to unlock your Moto Razr for free!

  1. We’re gonna need to downgrade your phones bootloader so that we will be able to work with the software on the phone. We will do this by using a modified bootloader file to overwrite the current bootloader on the phone. To do this you’ll need to download RSD Lite.
  2. In order to even use RSD Lite, we’re gonna need to install the Motorola drivers so that the computer will know what to do with the phone and the software. They can be found here.
  3. Ok cool, now that we have these tools, we can almost begin the overwrite, just one more thing to grab, the modified razr v3 bootloader files.
  4. Once we have everything, go ahead and install the drivers, then RSD Lite, then run the RSD Lite Program.
  5. Connect the RAZR v3 cell phone to your computer via USB cable, if you don’t have one then you can easily Google Product Search one.
  6. Once the phone is connected, RSD Lite should display some information about it in the left side of the application window. The right side is reserved for bootloader, MP (Monster Pack, more on this later) and other cell phone file information.
  7. Click the trailing periods “…” to the right of the filename box at the top of the RSD Lite window. Locate and select your downloaded modified bootloader file. It should have a file extension of .shx.
  8. Click “Start”, but please be sure that you make sure that the phone doesn’t die and be especially careful to disable any computer screen sleep timers.
  9. After this process completes, you can use a tool such as Motorola Unlocker to unlock the phone via USB cable.
  10. Enjoy your new free unlocked phone, now there are some that prefer to backup files during this process – which you should also do just in case the brick monster decides to pay you a visit.

More tuts soon!!!

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