Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant/Captivate

Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant/Captivate

Phone Unlocking Software

Samsung Galaxy S Free Cell Phone Unlock!

Phone unlocking software can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S / i9000 for free! This free phone unlock works on:

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant phone unlock code – FREE!
AT&T Samsung Captivate free unlock code – FREE!

On to the Samsung Galaxy unlocking….

Cell Phone Unlock – Step 1

Get the Android phone unlocking software – This app will crack the cell phone unlocking code on your phone and display it on the screen. Download below via QR Code or search the Android market for “Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool” or just download it here. Keep in mind, this app is for your phone and not your computer.



Cell Phone Unlock – Step 2

  • Make sure that phone Network Lock is the only thing on… go to phone and enter secret code *#7465625#
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone (Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging)

Cell Phone Unlock – Step 3

  1. Download and extract phone unlocking software: Generate Unlock
  2. Unzip and run Generate_Code.bat
  3. Look for the line Network Control Key: PhoneUnlockCodeHere
  4. Save the phone unlock code

Cell Phone Unlock – Step 4

Power down your phone then put in a SIM card from another phone service provider then power up your phone. When it boots up it will ask for the phone unlock code that you found above, enter it in.

Cell Phone Unlock – Step 5

You can now enjoy your free unlocked phone 🙂

— Full credit is given to dagentooboy and others.
—– Oh yeh, keep in mind that these unlocks cost money, you just got this for free but the guys that made it would really appreciate your donations. Go here for donation link.

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Earn a Free Unlock Code Easily



Power down your phone
Put in a SIM card from another carrier
Power up your phone
When it boots up it will ask for the unlock code that you found above
NO SIM Method (Thanks RazvanG)
(Apparently this just adds another SIM to the accepted SIM list… can someone confirm?)
remove sim card
power on phone without sim
enter *7465625*638*# and relock the phone to another network other than the one u have u’r sim card (eg 22610)
power off phone
insert sim card back
power on and enter nck code extracted from .bak file
phone unl