Samsung L770

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How to unlock your Samsung L770

How to unlock Samsung L770 – Now’s your chance to unlock it for free! This cell phone unlock software will show you how to unlock your Samsung L770 for you, all you need is a USB cable for your phone and you’re set!

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This unlocking software should allow you to use it without the unlocking box. Just plug up your USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions (click unlock after phone is recognized). Please be patient as you aren’t done until you see what’s highlighted in the picture above (your codes will NOT be the same as this unlocking instance).

Once you have your unlocking codes put in an unaccepted SIM card in the phone, you should see “Enter unfreeze code” or something related, put in the “unfreeze” code that we got from the software. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything when you punch in the code on your phone, just enter the code and press ‘ok’. Wala – another unlocked Samsung phone :-).

Download Samsung L770 Unlock Software

If you have any issues with this unlock then please let us know on the forum and we’ll get you fixed up.

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