Galaxy S3 Unlocked – Free!

Unlock your Galaxy S3 for free!

Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3! FREE!


Finally, you can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9500 or the Samsung Note II N7100 Android cell phone.

This article covers two cell phones manufactured by Samsung:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9500)
  • Samsung Note 2 (N7100)

There may be other models that can be unlocked using these instructions, in the future we will update this list when we discover more that are able to be unlocked for free using this process.

This unlock is courtesy of the guys at XDA Devs. They have found a secret menu inside on the phone’s software that will allow you to unlock your SIM locked cell phone. You can potentially ‘brick’ your cell phone, so please be careful as we are not liable for any type of damage or loss of data.

Warnings / Extra Info

Keep in mind that this will only work for SIM LOCKED devices. If your device is already unlocked, we strongly suggest against re-running the unlocking process – besides, why would you do it twice anyways? Unlocking your phone once should be enough.

Other devices that may work using this unlock method (not guaranteed):
  • N7100
Unlocking Pre-requisites:
  • Android version 41 or higher

S3 Unlocking Guide

  1. On the phone, open the phone app and press the following into the phone: *#197328640#
  2. Starting from Main Menu go to the following options: [1] UMTS > [1]Debug Screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] Network Lock > Options
  3. At the Options screen select the option for ‘[3] Perso SHA256 OFF’. After this, wait for 30-45 seconds before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Press the menu key to navigate back once, then you should be inside of the ‘[6] Network Lock’ option.
  5. On this page, select ‘[4]NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ’, after you do this you have to again wait for about a minute to give it time to properly unlock your phone.
  6. After you waited a minute in the last option, go ahead and restart your Galaxy S3.
  7. Turn your newly unlocked phone back on. To test it, insert a once foreign SIM card (from another carrier that the phone was locked to).
  8. Enjoy!


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Power down your phone
Put in a SIM card from another carrier
Power up your phone
When it boots up it will ask for the unlock code that you found above
NO SIM Method (Thanks RazvanG)
(Apparently this just adds another SIM to the accepted SIM list… can someone confirm?)
remove sim card
power on phone without sim
enter *7465625*638*# and relock the phone to another network other than the one u have u’r sim card (eg 22610)
power off phone
insert sim card back
power on and enter nck code extracted from .bak file
phone unl