Samsung S10+ Unlock

Unlock your Samsung S10+ using software!

If you’re looking to unlock your S10+ cell phone made by Samsung look no further! We’ve finally been able to secure software that’ll help you to easily unlock your phone. This software is able to do so by removing the SIM-lock / CID-lock from your device via USB cable connected to your computer.


  • USB Cable
  • Software (below)
  • Credits for software

Unlocking Instructions

To unlock your Samsung S10+ using phone unlocking software you’ll first need to download the necessary software:

Please be aware that this software is not free and requires you to purchase credits in order to unlock your device. The credits don’t cost much and are cheaper than unlocking your S10+ phone using other methods/services. Additionally, this will require you to create an account at the Chimera website.

As of the time of writing this the credits cost $13.56 USD / 11.9 euros. Most unlocking services will charge you at least $20 USD to unlock your phone via code that may or may not work the first time. It appears that some users have had trouble finding vendors that can actually get genuine unlock codes.

Chimera Installation

Thankfully, installing Chimera is a super simple process. All you’ll need to do is download the installation files from here, afterward double click on the .exe file on your Windows computer.

This will start the installation process which will also install other drivers that are needed for everything to function. Once this is done you can begin the software unlocking process.

You may or may not need to install the ‘ChimeraTool Authenticator driver’ that is also listed on the download page linked above.

Additional installation help can be found here.

How to Unlock Samsung S10+

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for. To fully unlock your Samsung S10+ to work on any network via Chimera software you’ll need to select the ‘Direct Unlock’ option within the Chimera software. This will start the process of unlocking. There isn’t anything else that you need to do at this point as the software will fully unlock your Samsung S10+ without need for your intervention.

Phone Unlocking Process Complete

Once the software tells you that the process is complete you should be able to insert a different sim card into your phone. Instead of receiving a warning/error that an invalid sim has been inserted you’ll be able to connect to the service provider of the new sim card inserted.

You are now done and won’t need to do anything else to use your phone with the new service provider. Congrats.


In addition to Chimera, you can also opt to purchase your genuine unlock code from other providers such as as well as many other cell phone unlock codes on the Internet.

Please be aware that many other providers that will connect to your phone remotely actually use Chimera and other software phone unlocking solutions to unlock phones. Doing it yourself can oftentimes save you up to 50% off of the fee that you would normally pay for unlocking services.