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Got a Samsung Galaxy S4? It’s a really cool phone but 9 times out of ten you probably bought it from somewhere like T-Mobile or AT&T, this means more than likely you have a ‘locked’ phone. This means that you cannot use other phone services with your existing phone (the S4). No need to worry, this free cell phone unlocking guide will help you to quickly and permanently unlock your phone.

Phone Unlocking Details

  • This free cell phone unlocking guide only applies to the Samsung GT-I9505 only. It may also work with other models but this isn’t guaranteed.
  • As always, we are not liable for anything that goes wrong with your phone resulting from this guide.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocking Tutorial

  1. Launch the application on your Galaxy S4. Dial in: *#0011#
  2. Press the “Menu” button, then press the “Back” key. After that, press the “Menu” button again. Select “KEY INPUT.” Enter 1 and press the “OK” button to enter ServiceMode.
    Unlock Galaxy S4 I9505 1
  3. Again, press “Menu” button and press the “back” key. This will make the Main Menu for ServiceMode. Then, Tap [1] UMTS.
    Unlock Galaxy S4 I9505 2
  4. Select [1]DEBUG SCREEN. Then select [6] PHONE CONTROL.
  5. From the next screen, select [6] NETWORK LOCK.
  6. There will be 3 options. Select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
  7. Now, go back to Main Menu by pressing the “Menu button” and then pressing the “Back” key. In the Main Menu, select [6]COMMON, and then [6] NV REBUILD.
  8. The phone will tell you that a “Golden Backup exists”. Select [4] Restore Back-up. The phone will tell you that a “Golden Backup exists”. Select [4] Restore Back-up. Your device will now experience a series of “conditions”, where it will first freeze, then get on a black screen with Blue LED on and both capacitive buttons on. After that, your device will reboot automatically. The whole cycle might take several minutes, so be patient. Once your device’s power turns back “ON”, it is permanently “network unlocked.” Enjoy!


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Power down your phone
Put in a SIM card from another carrier
Power up your phone
When it boots up it will ask for the unlock code that you found above
NO SIM Method (Thanks RazvanG)
(Apparently this just adds another SIM to the accepted SIM list… can someone confirm?)
remove sim card
power on phone without sim
enter *7465625*638*# and relock the phone to another network other than the one u have u’r sim card (eg 22610)
power off phone
insert sim card back
power on and enter nck code extracted from .bak file
phone unl