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This free cell phone unlocking tutorial will help you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Ace, as well as three other Samsung phones including the Samsung i5500 (5 Europa), 551 (Calisto) and the i5700 (Spica). This is a great way to save money versus going to a cell phone unlocking shop that will charge you around $50 to unlock your phone and make you wait.

Galaxy Ace Unlocking Details

  • This free cell phone unlocking guide only applies to the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It may also work with these following models:
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung 5 Europe (i5500)
  • Samsung 551 Callisto (i5510)
  • Samsung Spica (i5700)
  • As always, we are not liable for anything that goes wrong with your phone resulting from this guide.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Unlocking Tutorial


  1. Before you start, dial *#7465625# to check your phone lock status. The Network Lock should be [ON] mode now.
  2. You need to attach or root your galaxy ace (android device). Procedure for attaching or rooting the android device can be found in my previous post.
  3. You MUST install “BusyBox”. Because if you don’t install BusyBox, unlock codes will not be visible/seen.
  4. Then download and install Galaxy Ace Unlock by Helroz by clicking the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.helroz.galaxyaceunlock
  5. This application can be run only on a rooted device.
  6. There are only 3 steps to get your phone unlock code/key. Follow the steps below:
  7. 1. Run the application.
  8. 2. Touch on the option given. Unlock. See your sim unlock code
  9. 3. Confirm your choice by selecting Yes on the next screen.
  10. Wait till the application shows the unlock codes.
  11. The application will get the network unlock code/key from the phone for you.
  12. Then the application will show the unlock code/key to you.
  13. It may give up to 4 different unlock codes. (In my case all the four unlock codes were same.)
  14. Note/Write down the unlock codes.
  15. Once you have the unlock codes, switch off your phone and boot it with an unsupported sim card.
  16. When the phone boots, it will ask for the unlock code.
  17. Type/Press in the unlock code. (Do NOT try the same unlock code more than once.)
  18. Any one of the unlock code will work.
  19. If the unlock is successful, it will display this message. “Network unlock successful
  20. Now if you dial *#7465625#, the Network Lock will be [OFF] mode.
  21. That confirms you have successfully unlocked your phone from the network.

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