Unlock Samsung Inspire 4G (AT&T)

SGH-A800 Free Unlock Codes

You can easily unlock your Samsung Inspire 4G without paying for an unlock code!

This free phone unlock was recently discovered from an XDA forum member. To complete this free software unlock all you’ll need to do is load up your phone with old software, then exploit a feature to unlock it! Afterwards, all you’ll need to do is update the software on your phone and it’ll still be unlocked!

This free phone hack will also root your phone for you, which will allow you to have more control over your cell phone. Rooted phones also are able to install special applications.

In order to successfully unlock your cell phone for free you’ll need to take care when performing this phone unlock using the software download provided. There is a chance that you can damage your phone, making it unusable.

Pre-phone unlocking setup

  1. Disable all malware / antivirus protection on the computer being used to unlock your Samsung Inspire 4G.
  2. Disconnect or remove all software relating to any type of USB device, such as Apple, Blackberry, PDAnet, Microsoft, etc. These can interfere with the unlocking process causing it to fail. Also be sure to disconnect any USB devices & hubs.
  3. Remove HTC Sync & drivers.
  4. After completing the above steps, install the drivers that are inside of the downloaded hack kit BEFORE plugging in your phone to the USB cable. Also, make sure to connect the USB cable to a USB port directly connect to your computers system board. Basically, don’t use the front USB connectors on your computer.
  5. Be sure Android drivers were installed successfully via Windows device manager.

Once all of the above pre-unlocking steps are completed on the phone we may continue to use the software to unlock a Samsung Inspire 4G.

Samsung Inspire 4G Unlocking Steps

It’s very important for you to read the manual included in the file download below. Please do not attempt to just run the software without reading the manual!

Phone Unlocking Software Screenshots

Samsung Inspire unlocking software Unlock Samsung Inspire 4G for free Free Samsung Inspire 4G Unlock Code

Phone Unlock Software Download

Click here to download software unlock files for Samsung Inspire 4G.

Phone Unlock Credits

Huge kudos and thanks go to both Revskills and the EFF.

Issues? Need Help?

If you run into problems and need help, please see the original thread on this free cell phone unlock.

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