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Free unlock for Samsung SGH-A400!!


Easily unlock your Samsung SGH-A400 cell phone with ease! We have a free unlock code that works for all Samsung SGH-A400 model cell phones. You can use this code on your phone to instantly save money on not having to unlock your phone at a cell phone shop.

Phone Unlocking Details

  • The below free cell phone unlock code works for the SGH-A400┬áhandset only at the time of this publishing.
  • We do not recommend attempting this unlock code on other cell phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocking Tutorial

  1. Turn your phone on without a SIM card inside of it.
  2. It’s very important to ensure the SIM card isn’t inside of your phone!
  3. Power on the phone and wait until it boots up.
  4. Enter in the following unlock code: *2767*637#
  5. Now insert a SIM card that is for another phone network.
  6. Success! Your phone is now unlocked!

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