Unlock Sony Ericsson w200 / w200i! Free Cell Phone Unlock

w200 free cell phone unlock

Free cell phone unlock how to for Sony Ericsson W200 / W200i Cell Phones!

Phone unlocking software easily unlocks Sony Ericsson CID53 phone for free!


This unlock works via JDFlasher / FAR – Download this unlocking software tool here first and unrar it to C:/JDFlasher.

Then EXTRACT the jdflasher_test6.rar file to “C:/JDFlasher/Plugins/jdflasher/” and then EXTRACT the jdflasher_test6_add1.rar file to “C:/JDFlasher/Plugins/jdflasher/” as well (make sure you overwrite the existing files, this is very important)
Note: It is extremly important to use this version, otherwise it will NOT work!

UnRAR the w200_xml.rar to the “C:/JDFlasher/Plugins/jdflasher/scripts/” folder.

UnRAR the ANY_CID package to “C:/AnyCID/”

And of course you’ll need the USB Phone Driver so your computer can modify your phone.



1) Use the mkrest (located in application to make a rest (restore) archive for your phone’s fw (firmware)

Note: Make sure your firmware version in phone is R4JB001 or R4HA014 (yours will probably be R4JB001)
— Do this by dragging and dropping the firmware file on top of the mkrest2.exe file located in “C:/JDFlasher/Plugins/jdflasher/rest” the rest file will be created in the c:/documents and settings/user/ folder

2) From AnyCID archive package extract the contents of db2012.zip and w200/{firmware}.zip to your phone

3) Turn your phone on and run games/executor

4) Remove and reinstall your battery

5) Start JDFlasher and select the w200 script (it will be located in “C:/JDFlasher/Plugins/jdflasher/scripts/”)

6) Flash rest (the restore file that you made earlier) so that you phone is able to boot back up

7) Apply the free phone unlock patch(es)

8) All done – Phone free unlocked!



JDFlasher / Far Manager: FCPU Hosted

JDFlasher_test6.rar: FCPU Hosted

JDFlasher_test6_add1.rar: FCPU Hosted

Any_CID.rar: FCPU Hosted

w200_xml.rar: FCPU Hosted

USB Phone Drivers: FCPU Hosted (if you need these)

–Shout outz and propz goes out to the great simox for this splendid free cell phone unlock. You rock man, keep up the good work!

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