How to Hard Reset your G1!

As an easy todo article. We’re gonna show you how to hard reset a G1 or other Android powered cellular phone. This will help you blow past any locks or passwords that the phone may have on it. To do this…

1. Press and hold your home and power button at the same time and hold them til either your phone resets or your power box pops up, if it does, press power off and turn the phone off… while still holding these 2 buttons.

2. Your phone should reset, if it doesn’t press and hold these two buttons again until it does.

3. Eventually after resetting, a screen will pop up with an icon in the middle, slide your phone open and press ALT + L, a menu system should come up.

4. Press ALT + W to begin a hard reset. After this, press the Home + Back key for about 25 seconds and it will reset, your hard reset/password removal has now been completed! Good job!

5. Enjoy your device.

This method can be used to bypass the pattern lock mechanism. It will however destroy and accounts/data tied to this phone and will need to be “lite activated” again afterwards.