HTC Touch: Master Reset / Hard Reset (Clear a password or lock code)

This one is a simple one to pull off. We’re gonna show you how to remove the lock code/password from an HTC Touch and how to perform a master reset which can be used to restore an HTC Touch to factory (brand new) condition.

If you have ever lost your phone lock code (NOT the subsidy/carrier unlock code) then be in need no longer. Just follow the below information and you’ll have your phone back working in no time! Only 2 easy steps to do this!

1. Press and hold the two soft keys on the front of the phone.
1a. While doing this, press the stylus in the little hole on the bottom to reset the phone (don’t hold it in there)

2. When you see a menu pop up, release the two soft keys and then press down on the center of the directional pad on the phone.

Your phone will be hard reset (pass cleared as well) and all data on the phone will be erased. But again, your password will be removed.