Kyocera 6035 Programming

Free Kyocera 2255 Programming Guide

Easily program a Kyocera 6035!


Finally, an easy way to unlock your Kyocera 6035 cell phone without having to go to a cell phone store that’s going to charge you money. Just follow the simple programming guide and you will be good to go. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any damage caused by this phone programming guide, below you’ll see that we recommend you know exactly what you’re doing before performing anything in below text.

Warnings / Extra Info

Please know what you are doing, you can disrupt cellular service and/or lose data by doing something wrong on the phone.

Kyocera 6035 Programming Tutorial


  1. Press the number 1 six times (Example: 111111)
  2. Select “OPTIONS”
  3. Select “PROGRAMMING”
  4. Open the phone flip
  5. Press or Enter the 6 letters “OTKSL”
  6. Press “OK”
  7. Press the “PHONE NUMBER” field.
  8. Enter the 10 digit MIN
  9. Leave “A-KEY” blank
  10. Enter “4654” in the HOME SID
  11. Press “SAVE & EXIT”
  12. Press “YES”
  13. The phone will be in OFF MODE.
  14. Close the phone’s flip

These are all you should need to do in order to successfully program your new/used Kyocera 6035 cell phone. This is the same technique that phone techs use when they charge you money for this!!