AEG / LG / Maxon / NEC / Nokia & More!


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The following phones are able to be unlocked with this method:


AEG AEG-1882
AEG AEG-9050
AEG AEG-9080
AEG AEG-9082


LG 1200
LG 1300
LG 510
LG 510w
LG 520
LG 7010
LG 7020
LG B1200
LG B1300
LG C1200
LG G510
LG M1200
LG M1300
LG W3000


Maxon MX-3204
Maxon MX-3205F
Maxon MX-6804
Maxon MX-6805
Maxon MX-6810
Maxon MX-6811
Maxon MX-6814
Maxon MX-6815
Maxon MX-6820
Maxon MX-6832
Maxon MX-6833
Maxon MX-6837
Maxon MX-6869
Maxon MX-6877
Maxon MX-6879
Maxon MX-6880
Maxon MX-6881
Maxon MX-6882
Maxon MX-6890
Maxon MX-6899
Maxon NEW
Maxon OLD


NEC 808
NEC C313
NEC C316
NEC C616v
NEC E101
NEC E121
NEC E313
NEC E606
NEC E613
NEC E616
NEC E808
NEC E808y
NEC N342i
NEC N343i


Nokia 1100
Nokia 1110
Nokia 1600
Nokia 2100
Nokia 2300
Nokia 2600
Nokia 2650
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3110
Nokia 3110 security code
Nokia 3120
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3300
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3315
Nokia 3330
Nokia 3350
Nokia 3410
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 3530
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3610
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 5100
Nokia 5110
Nokia 5130
Nokia 5140
Nokia 5140i
Nokia 5210
Nokia 5510
Nokia 6020
Nokia 6021
Nokia 6021
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6101
Nokia 6110
Nokia 6130
Nokia 6150
Nokia 6170
Nokia 6210
Nokia 6220
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6250
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6310
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6500
Nokia 6510
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6610
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6800
Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820
Nokia 7110
Nokia 7200
Nokia 7210
Nokia 7250
Nokia 7250i
Nokia 7260
Nokia 7270
Nokia 7280
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7650
Nokia 7710
Nokia 8110
Nokia 8110 security code
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8110i security code
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8250
Nokia 8310
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8810
Nokia 8850
Nokia 8910
Nokia 8910i
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N-Gage QD


Panasonic A100
Panasonic A100 new
Panasonic G50
Panasonic G51
Panasonic G70
Panasonic GD50
Panasonic GD55
Panasonic X300
Panasonic X300 new


Philips 568
Philips 568 new


Samsung A300 – SOLUTION
Samsung A400 – SOLUTION
Samsung A800 – SOLUTION
Samsung E500 – SOLUTION
Samsung E700 – SOLUTION
Samsung E715 – SOLUTION
Samsung M100 – SOLUTION
Samsung P400 – SOLUTION
Samsung S100 – SOLUTION
Samsung S105 – SOLUTION
Samsung S300 – SOLUTION
Samsung S307 – SOLUTION
Samsung S500 – SOLUTION
Samsung SGH2100 – SOLUTION
Samsung SGH600 – SOLUTION
Samsung Universal – SOLUTION
Samsung V200 – SOLUTION
Samsung X100 – SOLUTION
Samsung X600 – SOLUTION


Siemens CL50
Siemens CL50/8008
Siemens CL55
Siemens CL75
Siemens ST55
Siemens ST55 new
Siemens ST60


Sony CMD-C1


Telital Estremo
Telital G40
Telital G80
Telital G82
Telital G83
Telital G90
Telital GM 410
Telital GM 710
Telital GM 810
Telital GM 830
Telital GM 882


Vitel TSM-3
Vitel TSM-4
Vitel TSM-5


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